Training for Building Energy Modeling

Big Ladder Software offers commercial-grade training services for engineers and practitioners of building energy modeling with hands-on exercises and interactive lectures.

A Training Philosophy for Complicated Software

Building energy modeling is a complex field which relies on complicated engineering software that is often difficult to learn. That’s why we have created our own unique philosophy for training:

Hands-On Exercises

Most of the real learning happens when you try to use the software yourself. Our workshops are approximately 50% lectures and 50% exercises. The step-by-step exercises begin to build the “muscle memory” that helps you to retain your new skills for long-term use.

Mental Models

Our workshops help you construct "mental models" to organize all of the relevant information and make it easier to learn. We provide the structures, patterns, and best practices that bring order to the chaos.


Even experts don’t keep everything in their head at once. The most important skill we can teach you is how to teach yourself going forward–how to use the available resources to find the information you need after the workshop ends. 







Training Formats to Suit Your Needs

Public Webinars

Live webinars cover lectures and demonstrations while hands-on "homework" exercises help you practice topics covered in lectures to hone your skills. See our workshops currently available.

Public In-Person

Live in-person training covers the same material as the live webinar option, but as full-day workshops where the trainer is in the room for exercise sessions. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, this option is currently not available.

Private Webinars/In-Person

Both webinar and in-person options can be organized as a private training for your team. Contact us to find out more.

Available Workshops

Support Services for After the Workshop

Even after completing a workshop, sometimes you still need a little help…or a lot of help. We offer comprehensive support services for EnergyPlus, OpenStudio, and other software tools so that you can rest assured that you will never be stuck for long.
Meet the instructor

Aaron Boranian

Aaron Boranian is the lead instructor at Big Ladder Software. He has been developing our training material and delivering workshops for over 7 years. In that time, he has taught more than 750 students across over 75 workshops on building energy modeling in the US and internationally.
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"Fantastic workshops! They really give me more confidence on how and where to dig deeper."
Anna Osborne Brannon
Managing Consultant
"Big Ladder's workshops have changed my professional energy modeling life tremendously. Speed, accuracy, templates, version control and more with ease of changing things at the template level with the Modelkit workflows. Glad to see this new platform launch!"
Amir Rezaei
Senior Associate, High Performance Building Analyst


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